Cathie is a multi-award new media producer with over fifteen years experience producing video, sound, interactive media, games, documentary, web, broadband and animation work. Cathie’s documentaries have been screened at film and video festivals in New York, London and Belgium and her sound work has been broadcast on Radio National, triple j and at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. From 1996–2004 Cathie worked with the Australian Museum Multimedia Unit writing, producing and directing over 50 digital media works for national and international travelling exhibitions of specialist scientific and cultural content.

While at the Australian Museum, Cathie also produced and directed the award winning Keeping Culture interactive documentary CDROM (NSW Heritage Award) for Aboriginal Outreach, as well as the museums corporate video Future Visions  (United States Film & Video Festival silver medal) and the Indigenous Australians: Australia’s First Peoples interactives (NSW Premiers Award 1997). Her  short documentaries, Shared History: Stories of the Pacific Collection have been screened at the 28th Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival in New York and the 11th London Australian Film Festival and Rediscovering Aboriginal Wollemi, has been screened at the 9th Kineon International Archaeological Film Festival.

In 2006 to 2008 she worked as lead producer with ABC Science Online www.abc.net.au/science and produced the ABC broadband documentary site Crude: The Incredible Journey of Oil www.abc.net.au/crude and was also executive producer of ABC Kids Online www.abc.net.au/kids and www.abc.net.au/rollermache.  The Crude Broadband website  was a finalist at the ABC Excellence Awards (Factual) and Rollermache broadband website was a finalist at the ABC Excellence Awards (Children). In 1992-93 Cathie was Vice President of the Australian International Video Festival and has taught media production and screen theory at Sydney College of the Arts, College of Fine Arts, UNSW and University of Technology Sydney. Her writing has been published in various Australian journals and she has worked as a researcher /writer in communications at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Powerhouse Museum and AFTRS. Cathie is currently lecturing in media production, documentary, digital video and multi-platform media practices at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Her research interests are philosophies of cinema and science, documentary and digital media, archaeology and climate sciences, screenwriting and composing practices. She is currently working on a documentary and research toward a PhD called ‘Cinematic Topologies: Mapping shifts in nature, thought and mind’.