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About the Projects
The Topologies Documentary Project (working title) is currently in post production and is part of a PhD project with School of Music, Faculty of Education and Arts at University of Newcastle, Australia.


Topologies Documentary Project

T  he Topologies Documentary Project probes natural history, science and creative thought to ask the question – What is deep time and, why is it vital that we understand it? How can we understand the vastness of the geological record and make sense of the deep past? How do we see the world and is it possible to see it in new ways? It investigates our concepts and interpretations of nature and mind, space and time through interviews with palaeontologists, archivists, historians and biogeographers and is woven with a sonorous and intricate visual and aural track. This documentary excavates our relationships to reality and the way we see and imagine the world around us, and things to come.

© Cathie Payne 2012

Project Team
  • Cathie Payne

  • Producer / Director / Writer

  • Erika Addis

  • DOP / Cinematographer

  • Cathy Vogan

  • Technical Consultant / Motion Graphics

  • Jon Drummond

  • Music & Sound Design

  • Helen Kundicevic

  • Photography

  • Raymond Brazil

  • Research Assistant

  • Glenn Muir

  • Production Assistance

  • Equity Research Grant

  • Funded by the University of Newcastle